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Electrical systems


FWe can supply domestic systems just as we can provide the latest high-tech equipment, such as electrical heating systems and PHOTOVOLTAIC, WIND POWER AND CO GENERATION SYSTEMS.

Depending on the job, we can develop services for:

  • Industrial buildings (light engineering industry, food industry, processing plants, etc...)
  • Buildings for the service sector (office buildings, hotels, entertainment venues, doctorís surgeries, etc...)
  • Residential and hospitality (tourist and private homes, etc...)



High power substations for MV to LV power conversion with transformers in a resin- or mineral oil bath, in full compliance with standards relating to safety pollution and fire hazards (as well as plant standards).

Control panels

Control panels for electricity distribution or transformer stations. Components are selected in close collaboration with the customer to offer the best technical solution and maximum performance. Our control panels are built to standards C.E.I. 23.51, C.E.I. 17-13/1, C.E.I. EN 60439-1 and respect 1, 2, 3 a,3 b, 4

Systems for hazardous environments

Electrical systems for hazardous environments or for challenging manufacturing processes due to the presence of flammable and / or explosive substances according to ATEX standards or involving a high degree of protection

Lighting systems

Lighting systems for interior applications in the industrial and service sectors, or for outdoor areas.

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Domotics: everything controlled by a touch screen

Domotic technology, also known as home automation, can be integrated in all the systems we design, resulting in remote control via an internet connection or an SMS sent by mobile phone, for optimum comfort and savings for your home.

A home automation system needs no more appliances than a conventional system, and it does not have to be more complex. In fact, the opposite is true.

The remote control system can manage any electronic appliance and can be set up via SMS, enabling it to be used for a variety of industrial or domestic applications. Being able to control a heating system remotely is particularly useful for owners of a holiday home, for example, because you can turn the heating on or off by sending an SMS instead of simply running it at a preset temperature; you can also check the status of the heating system via SMS, such as the current room temperature or operating status.

You can also manage fire alarms and security systems.